Election Dates

10/13/2020 - Last day to register or change your registration

10/14/2020 - Ballots mailed

11/3/2020 - Election Day

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Voter Registration


If you are currently registered to vote in Oregon but wish

to change to Republican, you may switch at any time.


If you have received ballots in the past, but haven't received

a ballot for the current election and/or have moved within your county recently (ballots are not forwarded), contact your county elections office to determine if you can update your voter registration and still receive a ballot for the current election.

On the Ballot

Learn more about who is running for office in Washington County and what measures are on the ballot

Click here to see our Washington County Voter's Guide

Click here to see our recommendation for ballot measures for Oregon and Metro

Register to Vote

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Washington County Elections Office

See voter maps, get information about the election, and more.

Ballot Drop Sites

Didn't get your ballot in the mail on time? Click here to find out where you can drop off your ballot.

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