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Greer Trice Updates

Our candidate for House District 36 Greer Trice and Republican representation as a whole has been involved in an injustice that needs to be sorted out. With swearing in happening soon, this needs to be adjudicated before that happens. But of course, the Secretary of State does not appear to be doing anything to effectuate this process.

Cheryl Myers, Acting Secretary of State 

Molly Woon, Interim Elections Director 

1/18 - We are now making our plea to Republican legislators in order for them to help us continue raising this issue. As such, we are enlisting your help in letting our legislators know about this situation. Below is a list of email addresses for all Republican lawmakers in Salem.

1/12 - We received an update from the original complainant, Dru Draper who works as a staff member for the Oregon Senate Caucus. The letter is attached below. 

In short, they decided Hai Pham did not knowingly lie on any paperwork to file as a candidate, which was not what the complaint alleged. The complaint was based on the precedent that any candidate has to be a resident of their district by 1/1 of an election year. Hai Pham changed his voter registration and DMV record in late January. However, this letter says "The Division’s investigation did not evaluate the merits of that allegation. "

We have also found an interesting document. It was published and distributed by the SOS office providing guidance (pursuant to Oregon law) for candidates. Within the qualification section, notably present is the note that a candidate must live in the district they want to represent by 1/1/22. Shemia Fagan is deliberately ignoring her own memo.

1/9 - Hai Pham is sworn in.

We are also alerted that so many of our volunteers and PCPs emailed and called that SOS Fagen called ORP Chair Justin Hwang to complain about the volume of contacts.

1/3 - We were updated with the latest on the case today: 

While investigating the issue, a resident of HD36 contacted the Secretary of State’s office and was told that candidate filings were referred to the counties for vetting as the State didn’t have the bandwidth to vet candidates from all 36 Oregon counties. The Washington County Election Integrity Team filed a public records request with both the Washington County Elections Office and the Sheriff’s Department requesting all documents related to Hai Pham. The response to both records request was that the County was not in possession of such documents. This looks like buck-passing at its finest. We are pursuing additional facts in the case including trying to pin down who, exactly, is responsible for vetting candidates and what possible investigations might or might not be taking place.

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