Local Leaders

Help to grow the grassroots of the Republican Party by becoming a Local Leader

Direct contact from a friendly neighbor is one of the most effective ways to get people motivated to vote.  It also allows us to communicate our values and educate our neighbors without the bias of mainstream media. 


Local Leaders are empowered PCP and volunteers who have adopted their neighborhood Republicans and other conservatives in order to:

  • Develop relationships and personal accountability

  • Educate, inspire, and encourage people to get more involved


Local Leaders make a difference right where they live, where they have the most influence and time to nurture relationships that could last a lifetime.


May elections are here and we need everyone to become a Local Leader!  All Washington County Republican PCPs have been invited to join the Local Leaders program.  


As a Local Leader you will be provided with the following:

  • An interactive map and list of about 30-50 Republicans and other conservative households in your neighborhood

  • Training to help you get the conversation started

  • Provide you with literature to hand out, including our Republican Voter’s Guide and candidate literature

  • After ballots have been mailed, you will receive regular email updates that tell you which neighbors on your list haven't yet voted so you can encourage them to get their ballot mailed in

All PCPs are automatically signed up as Local Leaders. If you're not a PCP but would like to be a local leader, email Melissa Laird.