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Precinct Committee Person

What is a Precinct Committee Person?

A Precinct Committee Person, or PCP for short, is a go between for the Republican voting base and the Washington County Republican Party. As a PCP you represent your Precinct to the Washington County Republican Party.

The difference between volunteering and being a PCP is that volunteering doesn't require a long-term commitment. You can volunteer for just one or two events whereas a PCP, you have to be involved in the Washington County Republican Party's voting procedures.

Here are your responsibilities as a PCP. 


  • Keeping your neighbors up to date about elections, ballot initiatives and petitions that the Republican Party is pushing. 

  • Ensuring all your Republican neighbors vote in every election.

  • Work with the other PCPs in your precinct to organize your fellow Republicans to take action and get involved   

  • Bring any issues your neighborhood has, whether they are potholes or homeless people, to the County GOP and we will help you lobby the county to solve your problem.


Everything you need to complete these tasks will be provided to you by the Washington County Republican Party.


As a PCP you will have influence over how the Republican Party operates by, 


  • Electing county officers (Chair, Vice Chair, Secretary, Treasurer, Delegates)

  • Opportunities to run for officer positions when vacant

  • Joining a committee 

  • Opportunities to Chair committees

  • If a Republican State House/Senate member resigns PCPs elect their replacement


We hold Central Committee Meetings every three months, this is when the whole body of PCPs meets to take care of party business. This consists of 


  • Voting on action items (budgets, budget amendments, bylaw amendments, ect.) 

  • Holding officer elections 

  • Committee reports


It is vital that all PCPs attend these meetings because if we cannot make quorum (minimum number of PCPs present) we can’t take care of any business.  


These meetings also keep our PCPs up to date on local politics because we often have guest speakers. These can include


  • Government officials

  • Republican office holders

  • Candidates 

  • Representatives from community organizations 


If you're interested in becoming a PCP, please reach out to the Chair and PCP Organizational Committee. Tell us a little about yourself and why you want to get involved. They can be reached at

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