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Precinct Committee Person

If you want to become a PCP, click here or head to the bottom of this page

What is a PCP?

‌In Depth: What is a Precinct Committee Person?

‌As a PCP you are elected by the Republicans in your voter precinct
These Republicans are your constituents who you represent to the Washington County GOP
You are elected for 2 year terms
If for any reason you no longer want to be/cannot fulfill the duties of being a PCP you can resign at any time by notifying the Chair and the Secretary


A Precinct Committee Person, or PCP for short, is a go between for the Republican voting base and the Washington County Republican Party. As a PCP you represent your Precinct to the Washington County Republican Party.

The difference between volunteering and being a PCP is that volunteering doesn't require a long-term commitment. You can volunteer for just one or two events whereas a PCP, you have to be involved in the Washington County Republican Party's voting procedures.

‌Why become a PCP?
  • ‌Vote on Party Leadership

    • County officers

    • Delegates to the Oregon Republican Party

  • ‌Have a voice within the party

    • Elect party leadership

    • How money is spent

    • What issues we focus on

    • What kinds of activities/efforts we undertake

  • ‌As a PCP you make a real difference in your community

    • Keep your neighbors informed on Republican candidates

    • Ensuring your fellow Republicans vote in elections

    • Hold party leadership/elected officials accountable

    • Get your fellow Republicans engaged with the political process

PCP Responsibilities
  • ‌Attend Central Committee Meetings

    • ‌At these meetings we take care of party business

    • Hold elections for vacant offices (Chair, Vice Chair, Secretary, Treasurer, Delegates)

    • Vote for our budget/budget amendments

    • Hear officer reports

    • Hear from candidates and community organizations

    • ‌Your presence matters! If we don’t make quorum (15% of PCPs) we can’t take care of any business

    • You get to meet with other like minded individuals and share your ideas with them

  • ‌Get to know your neighbors

    • ‌Knowing the people in your neighborhood is the most essential function of a PCP. You should be building relationships with the Republicans/conservative leaning people in your precinct. This allows us to:

      • Know who to target for GOTV (Get Out The Vote) efforts

      • Build trust with the voter so you can offer to turn their ballot in for them

      • Drive volunteer/PCP recruitment

      • Lists of who is in your neighborhood will be provided by your House Captain or the Precinct Organization Chair

  • ‌Get Out The Vote (GOTV)

    • ‌Our PCPs drive Republican voter turnout

    • Remind the Republicans/conservative leaning voters in your area to vote

    • Offer to turn in their ballots for them

      • This is legal in the state of Oregon.

      • Get definitive verbal confirmation that they want you to turn their ballot in for them

      • Once a ballot is received you have 3 days to turn it into a drop box

      • If you hold it longer than 3 days there is potential legal liability

  • ‌Volunteer/PCP Recruitment

    • ​‌As a PCP you should keep your eye out for people who are interested in volunteering or taking on the responsibility of becoming a PCP.

      • Once you have identified a volunteer, figure out how they would like to help

      • Anyone interested in becoming a PCP should be directed to the Precinct Organization Chair

  • ‌Being engaged within your community

    • There are many ways to engage your community depending on how much time you have.

    • For those with limited time you can,

      • Attend monthly city council meetings

      • Attend county commissioner meetings

      • Attend school board meetings

      • Attend any government meeting to stay informed on what is going on locally

    • ‌For those with more time,

      • Try to get appointed to a city/county advisory board

      • Join an advisory committee

      • Join a Community Partnership Organization (CPO)

        • These groups are always short on volunteers and they have a direct impact on local government. The county asks these groups for input on policies, land use, and other things. This is the easiest way to get involved in your community

      • Volunteer with organization that makes a positive impact on the local community

  • ‌Information Dissemination

    • ‌Ensure your neighbors have the most up to date information

      • Keep them informed about the conservative candidates in Non-Partisan races

      • Let them know what Republicans are running to represent them. This includes the State House/Senate, National House/Senate, Governor, President, etc.

      • Let them know about the Ballot Measures

      • Let them know about Petition initiatives

      • Keep them up to date on Republican Party events

If you want to be a PCP, follow the three steps below:

Step 1: Fill out PCP Appointment form (below)

Step 2: Email form to and

Step 3: Wait for an email from the Precinct Organization Chair about next steps

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