There are many ways to volunteer!

Audit: Appointed by WashCo GOP Chair by Aug. 1 of every year. The Committee is chaired by Ron Davis. Two additional members of the team will be PCPs who are not serving on the Executive Committee.

Precinct Organization: Chaired by Melissa Laird. Team members will assist in organizing the GOTV effort and PCP Recruitment & Training.

Candidate Assistance: Chaired by Jacob Vandever. Team members will be assigned to a candidate and will provide leadership in recruiting volunteers, assisting the candidate in Washington County, and organizing team walks. Leaders will organize sign raising parties where everyone works together to find sign locations and recruits teams to put them up. 

Communications: Chaired by Michael Ngo. Team members will work on developing our Social Media strategy, newsletters, and videos.


Faith Outreach: Chaired by Josh Nodurft. Team members will work together to develop strategies for voter registration and outreach in local churches.

Technology: Chaired by Christian Honl. Team members will assist in website development and maintenance, database development, and IT for our office.

Media: Chaired by Tracy Honl. To utilize all of our different outlets to promote events, manage content congruent with our message as well as those of the state party, disseminate information and work with local media outlets to get our information out into the community.

Community Engagement: This team will plan and participate in community events. Various leaders in this team will take an active role in connecting with our Senior, Veteran, Latino, and minority communities in Washington County.


Events:  This team will organize and recruit volunteers for our big events including the 4th of July Parade, Washington County Fair, and Oregon International Air Show. A leader for each event will be assigned with the rest of team working together to assist. 

Government Affairs: Chaired by Elaine Woods.  This team will monitor legislative actions and work to develop policy and coordinate efforts with others around the state. Members of this team will learn how to testify down in Salem on various bills. 


City Leaders: This team will be active in their city, attending City Council meetings, networking with others, and bringing information back that will help us take appropriate action. This team will help recruit candidates to run for upcoming mayor and city council races


School Board Committee: This team will attend School Board meetings in their district and networking with others. They will keep us informed of things we need to take action on as well as help recruit candidates to run for upcoming school board positions.

Bylaws: Review & recommend proposals to modifications of our bylaws.

PCPs, please see our Help Wanted Page for some specific needs we have right now!

I'm ready to take action! 


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