In addition to leading the WashCo GOP, Tracy is the the Vice Chair of the Oregon Republican Party (ORP)  as well as the ORP Political Director.


Tracy Honl

In addition to being our Secretary, Reed is House Captain in District 29 and our House Captain Lead.


Reed Christensen

In addition to being a Delegate, Jeff is the Chair for the Bylaws committee and is our Parliamentarian. 


Jeff Grossman

In addition to being a Delegate, Dan is the Chair of our annual Reagan Dinner.


Dan Mason

In addition to being a Delegate, Elaine is our Government Affairs Chair and an active member of our Election Integrity team. 


Elaine Woods

In addition to being Vice Chair, Melissa is the Precinct Organization Chair and runs our Local Leaders Program. She is House Captain for District 33.

Vice Chair

Melissa Laird

In addition to being our Treasurer, Marti is the Chair of the Budget Committee. 


Marti Burroughs

In addition to being a Delegate, Christian is the IT/Tech Chair and our "Executive Producer."


Christian Honl

In addition to being a Delegate, Jacob  is a Board Member of Young Republicans. 


Jacob Vandever

This is an open position that we'll be voting on in January 2020.  Want to run? Email Tracy! 


Open Position

Alternate Delegates

Lauri Grossman
John Woods
Brian Bishop
Jack Blevins
Alison Kettenhofen
Ty Raddue
Ken Ostgard
Blake Nelson

Standing Committee Chairs

Bob Terry - Campaigns
Stacy Cayce - Communications
Alexander Flores - Community Engagement
Lauri Grossman - Events
Josh Nodurft - Faith Outreach
Elaine Woods - Government Affairs
Brian Bishop - Precinct Organization

Ad-Hoc Chairs

Ron Davis - Audit
Marti Burroughs - Budget
Christian Honl - IT/Tech
Paul Thutt - Election Integrity
 Alison Kettenhofen - Volunteer
Blake Nelson - Meet-Up
Stacy Cayce - Social Media
Angela Hermes - PCP Recruitment
 TJ Johnson - Recall
Reed Christensen - House Captains

House Captains

David & Christine Hansen - HD 24
Lauri Grossman - HD 26
Alison Kettenhofen - HD 27
Thea Bloomfeldt - HD 28
Reed Christensen - HD 29
Glenn Miller - HD 30
 Gayla Hyer HD 31/32
Melissa Laird - HD 33
Jim & Sharon Mockley - HD 34
Walter Drysdale - HD 37


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