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Precinct Committee Person

If you want to become a PCP, fill out our form.
If you have any questions, email our Precinct Org Chair!

What is a PCP?

‌In Depth: What is a Precinct Committee Person?

‌As a PCP you are elected by the Republicans in your voter precinct
These Republicans are your constituents who you represent to the Washington County GOP
You are elected for 2 year terms
If for any reason you no longer want to be/cannot fulfill the duties of being a PCP you can resign at any time by notifying the Chair and the Secretary


A Precinct Committee Person, or PCP for short, is a go between for the Republican voting base and the Washington County Republican Party. As a PCP you represent your Precinct to the Washington County Republican Party.

The difference between volunteering and being a PCP is that volunteering doesn't require a long-term commitment. You can volunteer for just one or two events whereas a PCP, you have to be involved in the Washington County Republican Party's voting procedures.

‌Why become a PCP?
  • ‌Vote on Party Leadership

    • County officers

    • Delegates to the Oregon Republican Party

  • ‌Have a voice within the party

    • Elect party leadership

    • How money is spent

    • What issues we focus on

    • What kinds of activities/efforts we undertake

  • ‌As a PCP you make a real difference in your community

    • Keep your neighbors informed on Republican candidates

    • Ensuring your fellow Republicans vote in elections

    • Hold party leadership/elected officials accountable

    • Get your fellow Republicans engaged with the political process

PCP Responsibilities
  • Attend our quarterly meetings. (the meeting lasts around 3 hours)

  • Respond to our communication via email, text or phone call

  • Volunteer some of your time in one of various volunteer opportunities. There is no fixed amount of time you have to commit to, though. If you only have time for one hour a month, great! We appreciate any amount of time you can give us! 

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